About Us  

Greetings and Welcome to Andy Tours !
My name is Andy Choi and I am a manager and a tour guide of this company. Founded in 2014, we have been offering customized tours and package tours to the global travellers who want to tour around Jeju Island of South Korea.

We have been specialized in organizing unique private tours for the groups like family, friends and companies. We are closely working with many tour guides, taxi and bus drivers in Jeju Island so you can easily book them through our website

Although Jeju Island is an island, its size is about 1833.2 kmę¸ , about 2.5 times bigger than Singapore, so you definately need a good plan and good transportation in Jeju Island .


We offer many unique Package Tours for your group only

  We offer customized Tours      
  We offer daily Taxi Tours to major Jeju attractions