Please see below for the detailed itinerary of this package tour .
This tour will be your private tour for your group only.
    Airport Pick Up - You can arrive around 12:00  

LUNCH will be : Pork Noodle (Included in the itinerary)
One of Jeju local food


Seongsan Sunrise Peak (Seongsan Ilchulbong) - UNESCO

180 meters tall, water volcano, One of the 7 wonders of nature


Woman Divers' Performance at Seongsan Sunrise Peak

You can watch simple performance of woman divers of Jeju.
This performance may not be available if the wave is too strong on the day.


Manjang Cave - Lava Tube UNESCO

You will be walking in a huge lava tube for about 40 to 50 minutes.


Dinner - Black Pork BBQ (Included in your itinerary)
In the best black pork BBQ restaurant in Jeju


Submarine Tour

You can enjoy one hour submarine riding under the sea of Seokwipo


Jungbang Waterfall:

Tthe only waterfall in Asia where you can see waterfall that falls directly into sea


Jusangjolli Cliff - Lava Cliff

You will see beautiful lava cliif created by lava flow. No climbing up required


Camelia Hill :

A big garden with lots of camelia trees and seasonal flowers


Osulloc Green tea Plantation:

All about green tea + innisfree cafe + Green tea field


Lunch Option A : Sweet & Sour Pork And Black Bean Sauce Noodle or Spicey Seafood Noodle (Included in your itinerary) - Very Popular Korean local food

    Lunch Option B - Bibimbob in a hot pot or Miso Stew or Soft tofu stew

Rice + Some sidedishes
    Dinner Option A- Korean Style Dinner (Included in your itinerary)
Rice in a hot pot + many sidedishes + steamed pork + Local fish + Korean traditional stew.
    Dinner Option B- Pork Rib Soup with potatoes (Included in your itinerary)
Pork Rib Soup + Rice i sidedishes
    Dinner - Option C : Ginseng Chicken Soup (Included in your itinerary)
Jeju style Ginseng Chicken Soup


Airport Drop off Service




  210,000 KRW Per person (16PAX~18PAX) - By mini Bus  
  230,000 KRW Per person (14PAX~15PAX) - By mini Bus  
  240,000 KRW Per person (12PAX~13PAX) - By mini Bus  
  250,000 KRW Per person (11PAX) - By mini Bus  
  260,000 KRW Per person (10PAX) - By mini Bus  
  280,000 KRW Per person (9PAX) - By mini Bus  
  240,000 KRW Per person (8PAX) - By mini van  
  250,000 KRW Per person (7PAX) - By mini van  
  280,000 KRW Per person (5PAX-6PAX) - By mini van  
  290,000 KRW Per person (4PAX) - By mini van  
  320,000 KRW Per person (3PAX)- By mini van  
  420,000 KRW Per person (2PAX) - By mini van  
  If you have more than 18 pax, please email me at for quotation  
  All the entrance fees + All the meals on the itinerary + Airport Transfer  
  Hotel fee is not included .  
  You can book your own hotel or you can choose our hotel options below  
  Our hotel price starts from 50,000 KRW per night including breakfast.  
  Your hotel should be in Jeju city area. Otherwise there may be some modifications in this itinerary  
  Please click the hotel options below to see our joined hotels